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if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

The Curious Case of Old Age April 17, 2009

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There was a line in the movie that hit me more than everything else. The story is interesting, I just wish the pace hadnt been as slow as it was. I think it would have had a much greater impact if it had been more crisper. Benjamin uttered the words that are still playing in my head. (disclaimer: not the exact dialogue but close)

“……….I feel like I have forgotten a lot of things…….. like I forgot a life i had…….things I did in the past……”

That summarises my fear for old age.

Every night I attend to a family member who suffers from no horrible disease but old age. Her dependance on others is frightening. If we didnt hold her, she would be hurt very easily. If we dont change her, she would be uncomfortable all night. If we dont feed her, she would be hungry all day. Its been a while now since she could have helped herself. There are moments when its just the two of us in the bathroom and as I wait for her to be done, sometimes impatient at how long I have been waiting…..our eyes meet. I know she hates it. My fear is that helplessness.

She doesnt remember names. She doesnt recognise anyone. I wonder if she remembers the life she led, the kids she had, the things she got a chance to do and the things she didnt, the joys, the struggles……… coz if she doesnt, I wonder what the point of it all was. If we all go back to our diapers, why did our mothers put so much effort in to toilet training? (sentence not to be taken literally!) My greatest fear is that all the highs and lows I experience now, all the dreams and visions I have now, all my thoughts may not even be my companion towards the end.

I know what I am really glad for though. Thank the lord that these intense movies have such good looking men as lead actors!! (Ref: Revolutionary Road/Leo Dicaprio) Their good looks help take the edge off it a bit!


The Lady October 10, 2008

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She sank on to the lime-green bean bag. Stretched her legs and wiggled her toes. Exhaustion had crept into each part of her body – maybe even the roots of her hair. She dragged her body under the fan, messing with the beans in the bag. The unbalance in the bag pushed half her body on the floor. Shehad to admit the cool floor felt good!

She knew she wasn’t young anymore but dear God! She hadn’t imagined things would get like this. She hadn’t thought it was possible to be this tired after just three hours. What happened to those times where she had been able to do it all night long…..and still be back for more!

The past three hours had been hectic. Rough. Her hair was a mess. The muscles in her arms ached. She stretched them above her head. Arched her back to work out the knots. That’s when she noticed the grass stains on her tee. She decided not to bother trying to remember how they got there. It could all wait till the morning light. All she wanted now was a shot of rum and her own clean bed. These days she couldn’t crash just anywhere. She always had this urge to run back to her own clean bed.

That’s when the red buzzer went off again. A shrill siren filled the room.

She rolled her eyes. Sighed heavily for dramatic effect even though she knew all along she couldn’t ignore it. She had no choice.

She dragged her long limbs up from floor. As she reached for her red cape, she realised her grandmother had been right. There wasn’t enough superpower in the world to fight against time and age.

Fixing the cape around her shoulders, she slipped her feet into her red boots and twirled…………


Turning 26…….. September 11, 2008

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(The plan is to reach 26 in this list too…….. I am sure I can do it on my own eventually but you can help me too with your ideas)

You know it’s that time again when you move “boxes” in those forms when…….
1. Your foot unconsciously slips into the comfy shoes instead of the stilettos

2. You are content watching “Bones” on your laptop for hours.

3. 3 drinks is all it takes to quench your weekend thirst

4. The chillout time after work is spent in silence, lying on your back (in a completely non-sexual way) and staring at the ceiling.

5. You prefer to be home on a Friday/Saturday night so you could just sleep (by yourself).

6. Within 40 minutes of dancing, all your muscles are awake and protesting.

7. You wonder for longer than 10 seconds if your midriff baring outfit will draw too much attention

8. You entertain the idea of stealing your best friend’s babygirl for longer than 20 seconds

9. You entertain your mother’s matchmaking suggestions for longer than 30 seconds

10. You pick up a magazine ‘coz the cover shouts out Secrets to your Youth

11. You buy the sensible inner wear over the flimsy lacey ones

12. You religiously follow your monthly investment plans

13. Your work to-do list is always longer than your personal to-do list

14. The post-dinner cuddles rather than the quickie in the restaurant’s loo make a lasting impression

15. You don’t seem to be surprised anymore at naughty things people do

16. Your only reaction to the nasty games people play is to roll your eyes

17. You still hope that the story about The One is true but you no longer really believe it is

18. You have found the answer to the question of 3 things/people you want when you are stuck at a deserted island

19. You worry if the chance you didn’t take was the last one you got

20. You are just so glad you met the people you did in your lifetime


Being 19 February 18, 2008

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Ever wonder what it would be like to go back to being 19?
You were stupid and silly then but the thing is that it was the norm to be stupid and silly at 19.
Though you were a grown up, you didnt have the baggage of responsibilities to carry yet.
You werent expected to have any answers.
You may have disliked your job but it was okay…coz you knew you were going to move on to something better.
You may have felt lost but it was okay…coz you knew that it was too soon to have reached the destination.
You may have been unsure but it was okay…coz the journey has just begun.
Your heart got broken but you healed soon with the realisation that there were more fish in the sea!

To be 19 again……… Maybe Hiro can help.