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The Effects of a Good Read October 2, 2009

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“”Here’s a question, Pru. If you could use these pictures to tell a story, what would it be?”

It’s a hard question. I guess the story would be me, but I can tell she wants more, wants to know what the story would be that I’d tell about myself. And what is that story? I don’t know it yet. So I tell her, “It’s about the changes in me. You’ve been taking pictures of me since I was three. And now I’m ten. And someday I’ll be a teenager and then a grown-up with babies. That’s the story. Like the first pictures of me are almost when I’m still a baby, when I haven’t done anything exciting yet, or brave, when I don’t even know you that well, when I don’t even have a favorite kind of food. And then later, now, you can see those ways I’m more myself, more grown. And the cool thing is you’ll take just as many pictures this year and next year, and every time, the pictures will be one more piece of the puzzle.”

– The Effects of Light by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

I picked up this book at The Strand Book Fair. Dont you love that feeling when a random book you picked up at some random place turns out to be a really good find?

I have been asked before how I pick up and buy the books I do. Difficult to explain but its just a vibe you get from the book you hold in your hand. You glance through its text, read the synopsis if any is offered and take a call. There have been times (rarely though) that I have been disappointed by my buys. This book was definitely not a disappointment.

I loved the way it put certain ideas and theories about art, society and culture to its readers. Most often I find it difficult to follow theories on art and culture….they just seem too pretentious to me. Of course, there is a very strong storyline to it but it has these theories and ideas that would make me read it again.


Junk it! September 2, 2009

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“Don’t you wonder when it happens?” Shelley is still thoughtful, looking at the box. “When do all those precious things become……just a pile of junk?”

It happens when we are not looking, I think. At the same time those crows’ feet appear, which we tell ourselves will disappear when we get a good night’s sleep. When our dress size creeps up from a ten to a twelve and then a fourteen…….when we are not looking.

“It happens when we cease to care,” I tell her.

-Pandora’s Box by Giselle Green.