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I am a Faffer December 20, 2008

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So this word ‘faffer’ got thrown at me while I was leaving work yesterday. And since I do like the girl who said it and since she was kidding and since she is quite mad herself, instead of feeling bad I started thinking about it (dont bother if the reasons dont make sense) The entire drive back home was like a flashback to my school and college days. ‘Coz frankly, I think I am a faffer and that is how I probably got through all my studying years.

I am not very intelligent. Not that I am dumb, please note! (and anyway who would admit they were that) I am reasonably smart but not intelligent. There is a difference, you see, between being intelligent and smart. So I believe, dont you? I work with some really intelligent people – you know the kind that have answers to all kinds of questions!!! (annoying they are sometimes) I tend to suprise myself (and God knows others too) when I realise I know the answer to something complex. So I started thinking about school……

Not surprising I dont have many memories of that. Sure I remember all the fun I had but sadly ‘learning’ wasnt really fun and hence no memories of that. I studied in school but did I learn? I recall taking down pages and pages of notes in class. In fact, even college was almost like that. By then I had lost interest in my education. So its surprising I actually hold a Masters Degree. How did that happen!?!?

And I am not kidding but there was this one course that I slept through. Literally. I would walk into class and within 10 minutes my head would be bobbing up-down and left-right. Thankfully, that was one of the general courses so I had some 140-odd heads to hide behind. It didnt matter whether I had 4 cups of coffee before class or I had slept for close to 10 hours the previous night (ok so this was never possible) or it was the 1st class of the day or the last; 10 minutes and me would be dozing off. I have been through the whole falling-off-chair or head-hitting-the-desk or your-belongings-crash-on-floor thing in this class – thinking I would make it up later studying on my own. Fat chance that happened!! With a professor so uninspiring, the notes were worse. Bowing down to peer pressure, I finally signed the compendium of the said course out of the library.(Okay beat this fact – for a bunch of 140-odd students, they only had 2 copies of the compendium in the library. I mean really! its like they were begging me to not bother with it) I doubt I read more than 2 pages before I took the exam. So yeah, I will say it again. How did I get my degree!!?!?

Because sleeping in class wasnt my only problem. It was also this cute professor who took this other course that I have to admit I was at my ‘awake-est’ self at! A few years older with a strange sense of humour (and slight dimples…*sigh*), he was adorable. I may sound absolutely girlie but each time he said my name out aloud, the way he would say it inside-inside I purred. If that wasnt enough, he got forced into singing for his students once. So he picked up the guitar and sang ‘drops of jupiter’ and lets just say I never had any respectable thoughts about him after then. (I spent the last 5 minutes wondering what course he taught, cant come up with anything!!!) How, I ask myself, did I pull off getting myself a degree!

(this has become a post about my past 😉 rather than focussing on how my years of education were! See even when I sit to write about studying, I end up writing about sleeping and men. God help me!!)