life, lime and lemons

if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

Whats in a reason? March 18, 2009

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She asked him, “why me?” The pieces seemed to fit so perfectly together. She was curious to know if he saw that. She wondered if it amazed him too. She wanted to know his reasons. He smiled at her, rather naughtily. For a second she didnt think he would answer her question seriously. Probably tease her with some random reasons. He leaned towards her and looked into her eyes. One by one he listed out his reasons. It seemed to her like his list was never-ending. He covered quite a range of reasons. They all seemed so flattering even if she didnt believe a few of them were true. With each reason, she felt her heart melt a little and goosebumps all over.

She acknowledged his reasons with a slight smile. She felt too overwhelmed to say anything. He probably knew ‘coz he gave her the silence and space she needed. After a few minutes, he grinned at her, “Your turn. Why me?” She confessed that there were too many for her to list out all together but she had three main reasons. He grinned at her first two reasons, not-so-secretly pleased with himself. When she finished telling him what she put as her ‘main reason’, a tiny frown formed on his forehead. He didnt quite understand it. It was just something he had said, just a belief. It wasnt a compliment to her or in any way flattering to him.

She leaned towards him and looked into his eyes. “There hasnt been a dearth of reasons to be attracted to someone, to become fond of, to adore or even fall in love. This just…..this made me respect you. So it might not be a glamorous or a very romantic or a highly flattering reason but it makes me respect the man you are.” A still silence filled up the room.

Suddenly, he grinned. He pulled her towards him and said, “Arent you a lucky girl then; I chose you!”


One of those chance encounters February 17, 2009

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She wanted to scream. She wanted to hit someone. She was pretty sure there were red fumes rising on top of her head. Hitting someone was not a possibility though. The hot chick sitting behind the counter could have hardly predicted the 3 hour delay even though she worked for the airline. The hot chick, with absolutely perfect hair and make up, had no say in the delay of her flight. So she picked up her boarding pass, took a deep breath, slung her backpack on and walked away from the counter (and terrible violent urges).

There was a huge line at the bathroom. There was a huge line at the coffee kiosk. Everywhere she looked she saw thousands and thousands of people. She hunted for an empty chair in a corner. She needed to getaway from the noise, from the crowd. She silently prayed for the strength to make it through the delay and the flight. 15 minutes later, she still hadnt found a chair. The entire place was closing in on her (so it felt to her) She knew she had to get out. She walked back to the hot chick, with her absolutely perfect hair and make up and toned body. Explained the situation. Emphasised on her need to get out. She was given the same response to her request about a dozen times, “But Maam, you have checked in. I am not sure we can let you go out now. It might be difficult.” Since she hadnt a heard a perfect “no” yet, she knew she had a chance. The exercise lasted 13 minutes and she spoke to 3 people about her request. Finally, the 3rd one, a guy, took pity on her and told her he’d arrange something.

All formalities completed, she stepped out. Oh, fresh air!!! Oh, sunlight!!! She hunted for an empty corner again. She found the perfect spot away from the crowd. Just as she made herself at home in the corner, he walked up to her. Leaned over the potted plant she was hiding behind and asked her for a favour. He sat down, not too close yet not too far from her. Silently he indulged in his vice. He broke the silence after the first few minutes. Inquired about how long her flight was delayed. She answered his query alongwith a few ‘special’ words highlighting what she thought about the airline she was flying. Through her monologue that lasted 7 minutes, she talked about what she thought of all airlines in general, the entire industry! He nodded, a slight smile on his lips. Eventually she inquired about his flight.

From a distance, they heard the music of a popular song. It resulted into a discussion about the attention the song and its movie were getting. This led to a discussion about movies in general. Somehow the conversation drifted to the city they were currently in. He belonged to it while she was visiting. He asked her what she was doing in the city. She explained her work, the reason she was there. She asked him what he did. He smiled and asked if she really wanted to know coz he didnt want to embarrass her. She didnt understand, of course she wanted to know. Why in the world would she be embarrassed about what he did for a living? (Of course, at this time, her imagination had led her away…..far far away…to various interesting answers) Interrupting her chain of thoughts, he explained he worked for the airline she was flying and thought very highly of. Instead of being embarrassed, she burst out laughing. She wondered how these things happened to her. They joked about it for a while, back and forth while she added few more ‘special adjectives’ to describe the airline he worked for.

A announcement cut them silent. He stood up, they were calling his flight. He walked upto her and wished her luck with her flight. He promised to put in a good word for her at the counter – ‘for the special treatment’. They shook hands and said their goodbyes.

As he walked away, she had two thoughts.
1. She hadnt realised that 90 minutes had passed since she sat down there.
2. They hadnt exchanged names.


Things are forever; Relationships are not January 20, 2009

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She sat in the middle of the room. Her cupboard was open. Its drawers were no longer in their original place. They sat next to her in the middle of the room. The cupboard was almost empty, what with all its content strewn across the room. All the clothes were piled up in the right corner of the room. They were not random piles. Each pile stood for something specific.

The 1st pile was her work clothes. The 2nd pile were her party clothes (the push-tush! parties) It was a small pile. The 3rd pile was again party clothes (the cool parties where jeans is allowed) The pile was taller than the last two piles. The last two piles had been messed up. Probably because they were the tallest and had collapsed under their own weight. She made no attempt to straighten them out.

Towards the left corner of the room were her photo albums. She grew up in the digital-less age. So yeah, she had a huge collection of hardcopies of her pictures. They were too many to count. She had spent a lot of time going through them. Some brought a smile to her face, some brought tears and some made her grimace (no one born in that generation seemed to have any fashion sense, did they!?) She was not occupied with these though at that moment.

The reason she sat there still and unmoving was a purple box. The purple colour was dark and deep. She found it in one of the drawers, hidden under her blue scarf. The blue scarf had elicited a loud scream of joy. She had been looking for it forever. She promised herself at that minute that she would get herself to “spring clean” every month. She spent an hour posing in front of the mirror with her blue scarf. A head band, a bandana, a belt…..and of course, wrapped it around her neck in various styles. When she returned to her sitting position in the middle of the room to check what other wonderful items the drawer held, she found the purple box.

After spending 10 minutes frozen from shock (because she had forgotten all about it for a while) she traced the silver lining on the box with her finger. 10 minutes were then spent contemplating whether she should open it. Her memory was not that bad. She knew what the purple box held. She remembered what it looked like. And she remembered how much she loved it. There was a reason why she had thrown it at the back of the drawer. As much as she liked it, it had started to suffocate her. The reason under which it had come into her possession had died. It no longer existed. It seemed like this…….obligation…… she was under. She had thought about returning it then. Not out of anger. Not out of spite. Just because there was no longer a reason for it. She doubted whether others would have understood her action. So she hadnt returned it. She had forgotten about it.

Deep breath and she flipped the box open. There it lay. Still as perfect. Still making her smile. She pulled it out. Contemplation overtook her again. She wondered about her next action. Should she? Shouldnt she? Walking to the mirror, she put it on. It still looked absolutely cool. Its a thing. An item. It doesnt breathe. It doesnt think. She realised it was in her power to attach to it whatever emotion, feeling, adjective she wanted. Otherwise, it was just a thing.

She walked back to her position in the middle of the room. She smiled and stared down at it.

Moving on to the next drawer, she realised the moral of the story.
Things are forever….relationships are not!


Hey, hey, hey….whats going on….Part 2 December 24, 2008

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She stared at the mug of coffee on the counter. She had been standing in the pantry for the past 30 minutes, most of which she couldnt recall. And now she couldnt even remember whether she added sugar to her coffee or not! Frustrated with herself, she put the spoon down on the counter. It was too close to the edge and it dropped to the ground. She rolled her eyes. Work is going to drive her crazy. They were making her mad. Maybe that is their plan!!! As she bent over to pick up the spoon, a shadow fell on her. Free coffee for the correct guess on who that is likely to be! She turned around and couldnt resist smiling. Well then, free coffee it is!

He smiled at her and bend down to pick up the spoon for her. For the past couple of weeks, they had been dancing on the edge, making small talk. She enjoyed their harmless chit-chats but for some reason was unable to take it forward. She knew her hesitancy hadnt been unnoticed by him so she was surprised when he asked her out then. More out of surprise than anything else, she agreed. Dinner it was. And it was fun! She thought later that night. Maybe……its not so bad. he’s not so bad…..

The one dinner, turned to two and three before the idea of a weekend trip came up. Her old but not completely forgotten issues of trust and relationships haunted her. Did she dare this time? Coz it felt different. Its so comfortable with him and fun. Maybe its time to let go…..

Let go she did and they made the most of their weekend trip. Still glowing and under the spell of the holiday bliss, she walked in to an important meeting a week later. She walked out of that meeting completely shattered. She couldnt believe he had turned against her work in the meeting. He had taken her ideas and used it against her. He had taken her confidences in him and attacked her. She had never imagined that he had could be so mean and low!

How could she blame anyone else though? She had walked into it with her eyes open. She had opened up to him on her own will. She had trusted him under no compulsion. She had believed that this was something they both wanted. It didnt matter what his reasons were for starting this in the first place. The problem was that she trusted and she believed. Things that earlier had no meaning in her life.
She took a deep breath. She knew she couldnt hide in her house forever. The sick leave had to end soon. If/when she saw him ever again, she was going to be back in that safe place – the one that wasnt open to anyone. Yes, thats the best way!


Hey, hey, hey….whats going on….Part 1 December 9, 2008

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She stretched her legs, arched her back against her chair and rolled her neck. When her eyes hit the cubicle on her right, she saw him staring at her. A raised eyebrow, she mouthed a “what?” to him.

She paid the cafeteria man. Picking up her lunch tray from the counter, she turned around. She saw him looking at her. He sat at a table towards the door. A hesitant smile.

She ran in from the rain, hoped she hadnt ruined her new kurta. As she skidded to a stop near the elevator, she saw him staring at her. He stood in a corner, away from the crowd. A soft ‘good morning’.

Rushing out of the Meeting Room, she headed straight to the cubicle she shared with her 3 team-mates. She was angry, upset and sad. She sat at her table, composing herself and succeeded. Her team-mates didnt realise anything. 10 minutes later, a mail popped up from him. “You okay? Look upset.”

Naturally, she wondered what was going on. From just raising her eyebrow and forgetting all about him, she now gave him some thought. Should the “issue” be addressed or with time, would the winds change direction all on their own? Clearing the air has its own benefits. On the other hand, ignorance brings with itself a certain kind of bliss. She chewed on her pencil and asked herself for the 33rd time that month, “whats going on?”


It comes in different forms. October 29, 2008

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She cursed the weather. She cursed the trains. She cursed her job and mainly her boss. She cursed the sun that rose and brought with it this awful day. She cursed some more while she waited at the platform for her train. She looked at her watch and changed her curses into prayers. It was a 25-minute train ride and the shop closed in 20 minutes. She might make it in time, she thought to herself.

In the train, she settled down in the corner and thought back to the day. It had been the worst day ever since she started working there. The project had been important to each one of the team members from the day of its inception. They had worked their asses off the past month. Her boss had made changes yesterday and those changes had brought along everyone’s downfall. They had spent the entire day in recovery mode. Tempers had been high. Motivation had been low. Much yelling and quarelling had followed too. The blame game was on. She had been under tremendous pressure since she went on leave the next day. Her anxiety levels had been sky-high through the day. She had an early morning train to catch tomorrow. She hadnt packed. And then there was this stop to the shop still pending.

The train halted suddenly and so did her thoughts. She looked out of the window. The rain lashed against the window making it impossible for her to see anything. She assumed it was the rain that was causing this sudden halt. She resisted glancing at her watch again. Instead, she made a mental list of things she had to do. She was going home after 6 months. It was especially a big deal since it was the festival time. Her mother had asked for one and only one thing. The sweets to be picked up. She had ordered them for the entire family – the entire extended family – all 20-odd of them. She had placed the order, asked for the special packing and all her daughter had to do was pick them up one day prior to her departure. As luck would have it, her daughter was stuck on a train while the shop neared its closing time.

As soon as the train reached the station, she flew out of it and ran outside. The shop was a 2 minute walk from the station and she covered the distance in under a minute. As the rain drenched her, she stood in front of the closed shutters of the shop. Her eyes tingled. She wasnt sure if she was crying, the rain probably mixing with her tears. Could the day get any worse, she wondered. She stood there for a couple of minutes. She couldnt move – it could be the exhaustion or the hopelessness of the situation, she wasnt sure. She had no idea how she would face her mother.

As she entered her flat, she thanked whoever had ordered the pizzas at work. At least she was fed. One less thing to do. She showered, changed and threw her clothes in her bag in record time. She had lost her enthusiasm for her trip back home. She was going to be empty-handed; where was the joy in that! As she fell on her bed, she sent a quick “gnite” sms to him. One less thing to do was talk to him. She had already spoken to him a couple of times during the day. He had called during the day – either to motivate her or calm her down. She had bitched to him about her boss, about her pending visit to the shop, about her early morning train.

Her phone rudely woke her up. She had been in deep sleep. She looked at the caller id and grumbled. As soon as she took the call, she cursed at him – didnt he know she had an awful day, she had an early train and she needed her sleep. “Yes, I know. I also know your flatmate wont appreciate me waking her up with the doorbell. So I called. Open the door. I am waiting outside.” She yanked the door open and asked him what he was thinking showing up like that. He threw his overnight bag inside the door. “You said early morning train so I thought it would be easier for me to drop you if I stayed the night here. And yes you didnt ask and you are capable of looking after yourself. But its at 4 am and I want to.” He turned his back at her and was lifting a parcel off the floor while her heart melted a little. He shoved a parcel inside the door and bent to pick another. She peered at the parcel and realised with a shock that it was from the shop. How?What? When? Huh? “Well, I figured with the rain and all, you might not make it so I picked up the parcels. You missed checking your sms’es again, didnt you?”

As she locked up, it sank in. It wasnt all about the fervour and the giddiness and the hyper-emotions. Sometimes, it happened with the smaller things. As she drifted into sleep while he read his latest crime fic, she realised that he had no idea what he had done and what it had meant. With a smile, she dreamt about her trip back home.

(To explain the absence/silence that is going to follow, the writer is going to be away from the cyber world for a while)


The Lady October 10, 2008

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She sank on to the lime-green bean bag. Stretched her legs and wiggled her toes. Exhaustion had crept into each part of her body – maybe even the roots of her hair. She dragged her body under the fan, messing with the beans in the bag. The unbalance in the bag pushed half her body on the floor. Shehad to admit the cool floor felt good!

She knew she wasn’t young anymore but dear God! She hadn’t imagined things would get like this. She hadn’t thought it was possible to be this tired after just three hours. What happened to those times where she had been able to do it all night long…..and still be back for more!

The past three hours had been hectic. Rough. Her hair was a mess. The muscles in her arms ached. She stretched them above her head. Arched her back to work out the knots. That’s when she noticed the grass stains on her tee. She decided not to bother trying to remember how they got there. It could all wait till the morning light. All she wanted now was a shot of rum and her own clean bed. These days she couldn’t crash just anywhere. She always had this urge to run back to her own clean bed.

That’s when the red buzzer went off again. A shrill siren filled the room.

She rolled her eyes. Sighed heavily for dramatic effect even though she knew all along she couldn’t ignore it. She had no choice.

She dragged her long limbs up from floor. As she reached for her red cape, she realised her grandmother had been right. There wasn’t enough superpower in the world to fight against time and age.

Fixing the cape around her shoulders, she slipped her feet into her red boots and twirled…………