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Tagged and Bagged! January 20, 2012

Thank you Nancy! You tagged me and got me to get back to my poor neglected blog.

Oh and she awarded me too! *wooo hoooo* At the risk of being repetitive, never thought of myself as a versatile blogger…but hey, everyday you learn something new about yourself huh! 😉

So lets see if I can meet the other criteria of this tag….

1. I recently took a cake decoration workshop. It was fun and sooooo tiring! Who knew the fancy stuff could be so exhausting. I laboured over the cake for 2 days and decided to put it to good use. Gifted it to The Boy for our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Outcome of the workshop!

2. Yeah…you got that right. Two years!!!!! The number seems over-whelming. Most of the time it still feels new…you know that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach during the initial phase when you are together! Clearly, I am still besotted with The Boy 🙂

For those who are rolling their eyes now ‘coz you have passed the 10 or 20 years mark dont be looking down my mere 2 years! Be nice and let me gush over my experience (and achievement??? 😉 )

3. I have never done a tag before. Really….you can check my blog. As far as I recall in all these years, I would always beg off tags. So certain people should consider themselves verrrrrrry lucky right about now 😛

4. I love organising parties. There was a time when K and me joked about becoming party planners. Both of us love excel-sheets and lists and being all super-creative yet efficient and organised. So keeping with that spirit, I threw my in-laws a small dinner party for their wedding anniversary. I attempted yet another cake which didnt turn out so well …..practice! practice! practice!

It tasted divine though...if I may say so myself!

5. I have promised myself to write more often on the blog and this time, I will stick to it. Does that qualify as a random thing about myself?

6. Recently, I became an aunt (for the umpteenth time) to twin girls! Hats off to my sister-in-law and brother ….how they manage the twins and a 2 year old daughter is beyond me. All I do for my part is skype with them every week so the kiddies remember my name and face.

7. I am a professional social worker….well, atleast by my qualification. What I do now would probably not qualify as social work but I believe there is a social and moral angle to it. Someday, I will tell you all more 🙂

So lets award people….I may not blog regularly but I do follow some strictly.


The Twenty-somethings

Lauren, my fav food-blog!

K (dont lead anything back to me!)

Here is what you guys have to do…

1 Put up the versatile blogger pic.  2 Tag people and inform them.  3 Share seven random things about yourself.  4. Dont forget to thank the person who tagged you 🙂


My obsession is crossing a line! June 9, 2011

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I have always been obsessed with food….but I think it’s now crossing a line…the dangerous line! I wonder if there is something seriously wrong with me craving food all the time. I have always loved food but now I am always hungry.

AND STOP RIGHT THERE! I know what you may be thinking….and I can absolutely assure it’s not THAT. **rolls eyes** Does everyone have a one-track mind when it comes to a girl saying she is craving food????

So I have been on a baking spree to satiate my cravings….there was a German Apple Cake recipe I found in the blogworld. Unfortunately I cannot remember where and it kinda got over tooooo fast for me to share a pic. However, I did take a pic of what I like to call the Mocha Banana Bread, a recipe adapted from here.

Beautiful sight isnt it?

The Boy and I couldn’t resist the temptation and dug into it as soon as it came out of the oven. Oh the joy of baking! 🙂

Slice of Heaven


Marriages and its wonders April 14, 2010

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As a single girl, I had my doubts about marriage.

As a “new bride”, I had my hard days with marriage.

As a 3 month old married girl, there are these random moments……sitting at the dining table, driving to the gym, waiting in queue at the supermarket, watching a movie…….that I love being married.

There is nothing extra-ordinary about these moments except that The Boy is with me. I look across at him and find myself amazed. Amazed at the emotions he provokes in me; at the reactions he causes; the thoughts he awakens in me. From emotional to physical to mental, its all a mixed bag.

Ours is not your typical love story. This girl did not meet The Boy, fall in love and then decide to marry. Id be lying if I said I was 100% certain about him, about us, about marriage itself when I accepted his proposal. So yes its amazing to me that I feel a bit ‘lucky’ to be married to him.

Id also be lying if I said that its all hunky-dory. We irritate each other at times, piss each other off too. There are those times too where we leave each other a bit confused by our behaviour. And yet I dont question my being here with him. That part always makes sense. Its amazing to observe that this person I have known for a little more than a year now inspires that amount of faith in me.

I am protective of very few people around me. Even fewer people am I patient with. I find myself protective to a fault and more patient than a saint when it comes to The Boy and our relationship. What is it about this marriage that rises all the fierce instincts in me? Its teaching me quite a few lessons – lessons in caring, forgiving, giving, loving, demanding, nurturing – lessons on giving in and leaning on someone else’s shoulder while being his support and inspiration.

At the same time that I got married, I realise now that I embarked on a journey – a journey of discovering rather wondrous (at times strange) aspects about marriage.


‘New’ lessons learnt January 29, 2010

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The ‘new’ life sure is eventful! These days each hour brings forth a new lesson. Its fun, exciting, overwhelming, exhausting, upsetting all at once.

Everyone around me is so excited and helpful. Be it teaching you the easiest routes or sharing tips on best restaurants or salons, I see every one going out of their way to pitch in. There are endless invites to lunches and coffees. There are genuine attempts to being friends. There are  constant efforts to provide me all I may need. I have obviously never experienced so much attention ever before 🙂 but isnt that a two edged sword? As much as I love it it means getting used to its side-effects.

Earlier if your mother cooked 3 different dishes for dinner, you would ignore one without thinking twice……just ‘coz you didnt feel like eating it. I do that now and am faced with (well-meaning) questions whether I dont like it, whether I dont eat it ever, whether the cook should never make it again. Chances are I probably didnt think twice and may not even have a reason for ignoring that dish.

Where once I would sit in my room all by myself for hours spacing out on music, now I realise it may worry the others whether I am bored or missing home. Where once I had the room to myself at the end of the night, I now am learning to share my space with another person. Where once you could easily seek the comfort of your best friends’ company, now either you are too busy to take the call or its not a good time for them to talk.

Where once I could bravely face any sarcastic, mean, angry comments and give back what I got, now there are times when the simplest and most innocent of comments tear me up. The Boy’s sister gave me a piece of advice; hear what others have to say from one ear and take it out from the other…..dont let anything go south (to your heart) for the first year of the marriage. Obviously I am not doing a good job of following her advice and take everything too personally.

A friend put it well recently. Everyone will have an opinion to share and they will do so gladly. Every one will tell you what you should be doing but no one shares the important bit on how to do it. I have realised that weddings and marriages brings out the pop-psych in everyone 🙂 There are endless suggestions on strategies to deal with the husbands, the inlaws, the neighbours, the pets! I think what works best though is to just smile and go with the flow. Its different but I guess the key is to enjoy the difference and treat it like an adventure.

Every now and then, there is a gesture or an effort that makes you fall in love all over again…..that makes you feel like you belong……that makes the slightly harder days worth it all.