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if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

Busy Bee Me! July 22, 2011

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Doing what you may wonder?

House guests. Enough said. I am sure you know how busy that can get.

Work. Its been a hectic but fantastic time for us. We are a small start-up but we have added members to the team recently; we are getting a lot more business and opportunities seem to be multiplying. *touches wood* Its all good but it means more to do one everyone’s plate.

Health. Its been one thing after another for the past year. I think I have lost a bit of usual strength, stamina and energy through it all. Blah!

Visitors. Cant complain about this one too much 🙂 Friends from home are always welcome. Though this city and its distance is so not conducive to frequent meetings!

Parties. From the father-in-law’s birthday to a friend’s bachelorette, I have been in the planning mode. Its been fun …and if it all goes well, I might have a cool pic or two to share 🙂

The tiredness has creeped into my bones now. I have been in the ‘drive’ gear nonstop for the past couple of months, no stopping for refueling or recharging myself. 28 days more before I can take (hopefully!!) a no-finger-lifted-lazy-as-can-be-weekend break!

In the meantime, nothing like chocolate to get a bit of kick! They disappeared a bit too quick for me to take an ‘after’ shot 🙂



Asylum June 29, 2011

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The pic is of the place I run to most often.
Nothing fancy.
A book and a nimbu-pani or a doughnut.

Sometimes, its about being by yourself.
At times, its about getting away from others.
Sometimes, it just about being home-sick.

It started on a certain afternoon on my way back from work. I didnt feel like going back home just yet. The move to the new city had robbed me of familiar places and people. As I got nearer and nearer to home, I thought hard about what I could do, where I could go, who I could call. Somewhere in my memory was this place I had fleetingly visited. Do you have places like this you run to?


Look whose back! May 19, 2011

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Oh boy! WordPress got some new features! How long was I away! (Your Cue: “too long!!!”) 🙂

While I was away I did not win a Booker Prize nor did I find a cure for cancer nor did I climb any high mountains…..

However, I …..

  • Celebrated my first wedding anniversary
  • Completed a year at my new job that I absolutely love
  • Was ecstatic at the arrival of a few nieces & nephews to the family
  • Discovered some interesting things about the new city
  • Picked up a few words in a new language (local language)
  • Saw overwhelming and breath-taking sights  – the temples of Cambodia
  • Partied hard in Bali and Bangkok
  • Got closer to turning 30! oh dear!
  • Battled (/battling) a few health issues
  • Went back to violin lessons
  • Discovered a little more about faith and trust and love
  • Created some more moments with family and friends to treasure forever

Oh and discovered that writing is so much fun! 🙂


The Art of Being Spoilt November 17, 2009

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I think I am finally getting a hang of it….being pampered and spoilt 🙂 This whole getting married thing does have its upside!

I can count the number of times I have gotten a pedicure/manicure on one hand. The idea of me relaxing while some girl at the parlour did all the hard work didnt sit well with me. Blame all the waxing and other painful procedures where you contribute (your pain) to the process of looking good. Also, call me strange (not to my face though) but I have never learnt how to relax with someone else touching my body. It might also explain why I am not too fond of hugs either. But I have now subjected myself to a couple of body massages and am starting to enjoy it!

Apparently, these massages are rather mandatory for an Indian bride. My ‘masseuse’ and certain cousins inform me that I am too late, that this process should have started a long time back. All this was accompanied with a bit of eye rolling that made me wonder whether I had no hope left to look good for my own wedding. It took me a while but I must admit I relaxed and totally enjoyed it. I had to bite back my sighs and moans of pure bliss and contentment lest I scared the masseuse away. So….I get to have this every week for the next month. What joy!

I have also noticed that for some reason, no one in my house seems to want to wake me up in the morning. On a couple of occasions in the past month, I have found myself sleeping till noon (during the weekday!!!) The mother, who since I quit my job hated if I woke up after 9 am, is suddenly not hovering around my bed.

And did I mention that a casual remark about how I’d love to eat a certain dish results in its appearance at the next meal? Like I said, I am soooo getting used to this! Maybe I could fill up the 5 month gap on my CV with ‘worked on honing the art of being spoilt!’


The post where I bitch about the strange “friends” I have October 9, 2009

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I highlighted the word friends to ensure that my sarcastic tone got conveyed. (we need a font that conveys that effectively in case anybody’s listening) Back to the point though……bitching about people I know.

I like to believe that I am a pretty straight forward kind of person. It is rather difficult for me, then, to understand certain behaviour I see around me.

Case 1: A girl I went to college with

The only reason we spoke to each other was because we had a common friend who we were fond of  (or let me just speak for myself, I was fond of) Neither of us even pretended during those college years that we hung out with each other for any other reason. She knew I could barely tolerate her and I knew she didnt think much of me. We werent hostile to each other either. We were just there. Same place, same time, same crowd. Its been years since we graduated and we lost touch and it didnt effect our lives.

Now when you turn around and invite yourself to my wedding and tell me how you look forward to having a reunion with everyone including my sweet mother and are soooooooooooooooo happy for me and excited that I will get to experience the joys of marriage as you have been for years……uhmmm forgive me for being dense but all I can respond with is a “huh?” Did I miss the last few years where you were a part of my life in any way? Or lets go back all the way to college and ask if you cared that I existed or not. Now dont get me wrong. I am not grumpy about the fact that you didnt care then, thats the way it was with us. Some people are just never meant to care for each other. I dont get why suddenly you do. So yes I am still good friends with some people we both knew then and yes they will be there for my wedding but how does one react to you inviting yourself?

Honestly, I still dont have a response. Any ideas?

Case 2: A girl I knew in school; shared office space with later

So yes Ill admit we have known each other for years but I wonder if shared history automatically makes us ‘bff’ (that is what they are calling it these days, right?) I am sure you are a great person but we both know that though we hung out at work and work parties we never really hit it off…….unless of course I hit my head yesterday and am now suffering from amnesia. After the stunts and the games you pulled at work, I was pretty clear on distancing myself from you. And in case you hit your head yesterday and suffer from amnesia today, let me remind you of the absolutely childish things (I admit I am not proud of these, seriously the teenager in you never dies!) I did to ensure you got the message…… block you on my gtalk, take you off my facebook, etc. Then on my birthday when you text me using my nickname or ask friends in common about my “courtship” and call me to tell you “all that is happening” in a tone that suggests that we are indeed ‘bff’, I feel stumped.

And again, have no response.

Maybe its pms. Maybe I am being bitchy. Maybe I am just being silly. Maybe I am growing old.


My Dream Vehicle August 19, 2009

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A scrap of paper I found the other day had the following poem. As part of a team building session years ago, a colleague and I came up with these words (that amuse me to no end now!!!)

We bought this vehicle yesterday

Its absolutely magical in everyway

You want future, you want past

It’ll take you there very fast.


From the outside it looks very small

But when you enter, its like a fully equipped mall!

It can cook and it can clean

Its a great place to blow off some steam.


Cleaning Out The Closet July 8, 2009

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Image0210Every few months, I indulge in a clean-up exercise. It would normally mean just clearing up a few things here and there in the room, gazing thoughtfully at a lot of old clothes (sure, Ill lose wieght some day to fit into that), cards (but its from her/him, cant throw it), photos (of course I need photos of the same place from 3 different angles) …… eventually, deciding that I would use them at some point of time and putting them back in the cupboard.

This time around I was rather ruthless with myself and my stuff. Of course, the reason for the clean up was rather a big one too. The move. The permanent move.

Part by part, I dragged out my stuff, lay it on the bed and made seperate piles. One, to keep and the other, to discard. I refused to let up and go easy on the little sentimental section of my heart. If you were to peep into my cupboard now, its half empty. If you were to take a peek into the drawers in my room, they are half empty too. As I stood across from a friend and watched the “funeral” of a lot of old photos, cards, letters and random stuff I had collected over the years (random stuff that needed to be properly discarded!! 🙂 ) she asked me how I felt. I shrugged then at her.

This process has been a way of making space for new memories and new memorabilia. It has driven home the point of the change, the move and starting out on a new phase in life. Its facilitated the shift of mental gears.

It was, I have to admit, not so easy to let go. I “wasted” a lot of time getting caught up reading old notes or over the good times captured in the photos – texting or calling friends about it! I was tempted to pull back quite a few things from the discard pile and *sigh* gave in to that temptation a couple of times. A friend got me to pull back a couple of things simply ‘coz some things a girl must never let go off! 🙂

Waves of nostalgia were probably at their highest in the past week and I rode through them. In return, I refreshed my memory, found a few absolute gems to treasure forever, laughed over our shared pasts and readied myself to move on.