life, lime and lemons

if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

Growing up sucks! February 19, 2010

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I just bid farewell to yet another friend.

Over the past few years, we have all spread far and wide through the world. Weddings are such a mixed bag. They are fun and exciting and yet kinda sad.

Truth be told, most of us havent been in the same place at the same time for quite a few years now. Everyone has been all over but somehow that never seemed so permanent as now does. Every time someone walks away with a husband it seems like a bigger and forever change than when we moved for studies or work. We knew we could always go back home. We knew we had no other commitments to tend to other than whatever our hearts desired. Now we are all grown up with worldly responsibilities! Its an overwhelming process of letting go of each other bit by bit.


Moving boxes January 11, 2010

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Yup! Its time for yet another change. I am now ticking the “married” box instead of  the “single” box on forms!

Some friends made it while some were missed terribly. We sang, we danced, we drank, we ate and partied really hard. It started days before the wedding and just kept getting better through the wedding days. Some of it still continues. Like I keep telling The Boy, I cant remember the last time I hit the bed before midnight. Its been months!! Now that the euphoria and chaos of the wedding is over, our bags are packed again as we are off for a (well-deserved!) holiday.

Its been a rather roller-coaster ride so far. Sometimes, it feels like I belong and yet sometimes the creaks of the bed, the sounds from the street below, the taste of drinking water…….everything seems so foreign. Its a new city and for now, dealing with it is on hold. ‘Coz frankly, all I can think of are the un-interrupted and fun-filled days in South Africa with The Boy!