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Busy Bee Me! July 22, 2011

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Doing what you may wonder?

House guests. Enough said. I am sure you know how busy that can get.

Work. Its been a hectic but fantastic time for us. We are a small start-up but we have added members to the team recently; we are getting a lot more business and opportunities seem to be multiplying. *touches wood* Its all good but it means more to do one everyone’s plate.

Health. Its been one thing after another for the past year. I think I have lost a bit of usual strength, stamina and energy through it all. Blah!

Visitors. Cant complain about this one too much 🙂 Friends from home are always welcome. Though this city and its distance is so not conducive to frequent meetings!

Parties. From the father-in-law’s birthday to a friend’s bachelorette, I have been in the planning mode. Its been fun …and if it all goes well, I might have a cool pic or two to share 🙂

The tiredness has creeped into my bones now. I have been in the ‘drive’ gear nonstop for the past couple of months, no stopping for refueling or recharging myself. 28 days more before I can take (hopefully!!) a no-finger-lifted-lazy-as-can-be-weekend break!

In the meantime, nothing like chocolate to get a bit of kick! They disappeared a bit too quick for me to take an ‘after’ shot 🙂



One up! May 21, 2010

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Its been a month since I started work. New city, new job, new field of work, new people……. “new” is still the flavour of my life!

Its an interesting line of work, challenging sometimes since I havent worked in this field before. Maybe I have had contact with this field in the non-profit and social sectors where I worked previously but this is my first venture into it in a for-profit business setting.

A certain boss at a certain job once told me that its not important if the organisation is “for-profit” or “non-profit”. Its the intention with which the organisation works that should be more important – whether the intentions are solely for profit or they have a social angle to their work. I joined his organisation immediately then. The 2 women heading the organisation here too conveyed that to me as they described their vision and work. I have now been with them a month!

The challenge initially was the lack of discipline to sit in one place! The 6 months long break made it difficult to concentrate on a task. I would be so tempted ( and gave in to it several times too) to visit blogs, facebook or chat. Two hours into work I would start clock-watching, wondering when I could get out. It wasnt that the work wasnt interesting ……. I had just forgotten how to do this anymore! 🙂 Things are better now. I can feel my interest in work growing and I am most certainly able to sit at my desk for longer periods of time!

All that is left now is to stop thinking about and missing home so much. *sigh*

Anyway. Leaving you with a glimpse of my work place.

You know you are settling really well at work when the pile keeps growing higher....